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Are you new to town? On vacation? Looking to meet new friends? Interested in discovering new trails? HikingAddiction is a group of hikers in the Okanagan (primarily Kelowna) that all share a passion for the outdoors. We are primarily geared towards young adults, or those young at heart, but are open to all! We are free to join, and there's absolutely no commitment!

109 new members in the last month!

Who We Are

HikingAddiction (a division of Koingo Software, Inc.) was spawned from a serious need for an outdoor activity group specializing as a localized and centralized trail resource. When HikingAddiction founder Josh Hoggan first moved to Kelowna and had researched his options, nothing fell into that category. He spent years scouring the internet for trails, plotting potential trails on Google Earth, and bushwhacking to the top of peaks. Over the years, the group has surpassed over 7,924 members, with between 10 and 60 individuals participating per hike.

Our group is maintained solely by its userbase, and all members are welcome to host hikes, list trails, participate in our forum and contribute in any way. There is no fee for joining, and absolutely no commitment. However, if you not wish to or cannot join larger group events, we offer comprehensive GPS maps to guide you through the local trails!

If you're looking for a scenic walk to take some great photos, a more challenging uphill adventure, or are just interested in exploring the outdoors, join us all throughout the sunnier months. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information about the requirements to participate.

One of our favourite multi-day excursions is Manning Park. Both the Mt. Frosty trail and Three Brother's Mountain range provide a stunning hike: through alpine meadows, past glacial pools, and along scenic ridge-lines with views of the valley. Here, we camp at Lightning Lakes which offers a full suite of canoes and warm showers!

Our History