How to Join

There are no special steps to join our group. Just stay tuned on our web site, or FaceBook group, for the next event. Show up if you are able to attend; if not, no need to let us know! There is no need to RSVP or register. There are no fees to join on the free group hikes.

Participation Requirements

All adults that are 18+ are welcome to join! Hikers must bring appropriate clothing, boots/shoes, and water. A small first aid kit and trail snacks are highly recommended.

We leave promptly at departure time and cannot wait for late arrivals. Please always arrange to be 10 minutes early to allow for traffic and delays.

By using our web site, or participating in any event organized by us, you agree to all of our Terms and Conditions and Waiver on this site.

Limit on Age

All adults 18+ are welcome to register on our web site, host and attend events, participate in our forum, and contribute in any way.

Trail Etiquette

To provide the most enjoyable experience for all trail users and attendees, we ask you please observe the following guidelines.

  • Garbage: Pack out what you pack in. Absolutely no garbage on the trails!
  • Energy: Come well rested and be aware of the level of exertion required for the upcoming hike. We need to maintain a certain speed on the trail to ensure everyone gets back on time.
  • Detours: Stay on the trail to help prevent erosion and damage to the area.
  • Dogs: Leave dogs on-leash at all times.
  • Pace: Unless otherwise stated, most listed hiking events are higher-intensity and fitness-orientated. They are not slower sight-seeing treks.
  • Personal Limits: If you feel a trail may be beyond your fitness level, please do not attend. Work your way up to it for next year. We must maintain a constant pace to ensure we are back on time.
  • Stick Together: We will never leave anyone behind and will always break at forks or at various time intervals. Stay with the group the best you can. Never travel too far behind or ahead of the group. This can be dangerous and easily lead to disorientation with the vast number of forks in our trails.
  • Separating: If you do plan to separate or turn around, ensure you notify the hike leader by relaying the message to the front of the group.

Public Events

All of the events on our web site are hosted by volunteers, and are done so year-round. Please try and arrive 10 minutes prior to an event at the trailhead and ensure you have brought a signed copy of our waiver.

Becoming a Volunteer

We are ALWAYS looking for more volunteers to host hikes or other related events. If you are interested, you must demonstrate a clear awareness of the trail and the contents of this entire FAQ. When you feel you are ready, feel free to login and schedule a hike at any time! If you are no longer able to host a hike, please ensure you cancel the event with a good amount of notice. If you no-show when hosting an event, you will no longer be able to schedule events. No exceptions.