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Joss Mountain
4 attending    Steve Ewbank   
Sun, Jul 21st, 201910:00 AM
Little White
2 attending    Steve Ewbank   
Sat, Aug 10th, 201910:00 AM
Blue Grouse: Full Loop
12.7 km    876m    1280m    4.8 hours    Medium
5 attending    Craig Cote   
Sat, Aug 17th, 201910:00 AM
Zupjok, Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna, Guanico Peaks
2 attending    Steve Ewbank   
Sun, Aug 18th, 201910:00 AM
Jade Lakes
10 attending    Craig Cote   
Sat, Aug 24th, 20199:30 AM
Dunn Peak
1 attending    Pete Hrkać   
Sun, Sep 8th, 20198:00 AM
Tuktakamin Mountain
5.17 km    504m    1772m    3.9 hours    Hard
1 attending    Pete Hrkać   
Sun, Oct 6th, 201910:00 AM
Peachland Tourism Promotion Committee Trails Awareness Day Sponsored by David Moorhouse
1 attending    David Moorhouse   
Sun, Oct 13th, 20199:00 AM