Bear Creek: Canyon Rim Trail

West Kelowna

15 min from Downtown Kelowna
539 Westside Rd, Central Okanagan G, BC
Dedicated to trail constructer, BC Parks Ranger Dave Brewer, who designed the trail in 1981, the Bear Creek Canyon Rim trail is manageable for hikers of all difficulties. It's important to note that the trail parking lot is closed from mid-October until the spring; however, parking roadside is available.

The trail entails staircases and bridges and takes you along the rim of the canyon to upper viewpoints of Okanagan Lake and downtown Kelowna. The creek below forms small scenic waterfalls and is surrounded by maple and birch trees, Saskatoon and buffalo berry bushes, wild rose, horsetail and molasses. At higher levels, balsam-root can be found along with prickly-pear cactus, Ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir.

Noticeable wildlife includes tree-frogs in the springtime whilst crickets can be heard during the summer. The area is also frequented by bears, coyotes and rattlesnakes.

Unfortunately in 2011, the Canyon Trail was affected by a wildfire. Results from this include unstable trees, holes and loose rock, especially if you go off trail. Please be aware.
  • Short
  • Easy
  • Loop
  • 2.62 km round-trip
  • 40 min solo
  • 50 min group
  • 232 m gain
Kids & Pets
  • On-Leash
  • Child-Friendly
  • Has a Waterfall


539 Westside Rd, Central Okanagan G, BC

Driving Time

From Downtown Kelowna, approximate travel time by car is 15 min.

GPS Co-ordinates

Detailed Directions

Heading south from downtown Kelowna take a right onto Westside Road in Westbank. Follow this road all the way to the park. There will be a parks sign just before the entrance on the left.

Google Directions

Use our written directions in preference to the Google directions below as they are likely more accurate.

  • Starting Elevation: 352 meters
  • Ending Elevation: 352 meters
  • Maximum Elevation: 461 meters
  • Minimum Elevation: 348 meters
  • Elevation Gain: 232 meters
  • Elevation Loss: -232 meters
  • Slope Up: 17.00%
  • Slope Down: -15.00%

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GPS Notes
Most often when viewing our maps, trails marked in Green or Blue have been human-verified by our volunteers. A route in purple indicates an overgrown trail or a bushwhack. Otherwise, the tracks may have been satellite traced or imported from third party sources. While we strongly believe our GPS are accurate, please be aware that no logging system is perfect and to be aware of potential errors.
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