Brent Mountain


40 min from Penticton,BC
49.466775, -119.865741
The trail up Brent Mountain begins as a nice meandering forest-way with cute stream crossings. his is a hike that is ideal for hotter months, as it remains moderately cool all throughout the summer! The lush and cozy sub alpine trail will offer a variety of unique foliage (Yarrow, Buttercups, Indian Paintbrush, mushrooms) in early summer after the snow clears. Prepare for a hefty set of mosquitos and mud, but a distraction that is easily ignored as you approach the summit with its broad meadows littered with smooth stones. T

While the trail has numerous forks, the route to the top is clearly indicated by metal trail markers. The trail begins with a mild slope, and then mostly levels out for the next 2 km, and then the final ascent begins.

At the summit, reach an abandoned fire watch tower with surrounding panoramas of Apex Mountain, Summerland, and even hints of Kelowna on clearer days.
  • Short
  • Average
  • Out & Back Same Way
  • 10.14 km round-trip
  • 2 hr 10 min solo
  • 3 hr 9 min group
  • 475 m gain
Kids & Pets
  • On-Leash
  • Child-Friendly


49.466775, -119.865741

Driving Time

From Penticton,BC, approximate travel time by car is 40 min.

Notable GPS Co-ordinates

Detailed Directions

Important: Allow about 1.75 - 2 hours driving time from Kelowna.

1. From Penticton, cross the channel at Fairview/Green Mountain Rd, and continue west.
2. Turn RIGHT after 20 km onto Apex Mtn Road. RESET ODOMETER.
3. Turn RIGHT after 4.1 km, and continue along the decommissioned forest service road (labelled as Shatford Rd). There are many trenches dug out of the road, so take care. While its possible to take a car, it's not recommended and a vehicle with 4x4ing and adequate clearance are highly encouraged. RESET ODOMETER AGAIN.
4. At 2.8 km, keep LEFT at fork with signs for Apex Mtn. As of 2016, apparently the bridge is out if you had gone right.
5. At 3.6 km, keep RIGHT.
6. At 4.9 km, keep RIGHT.
7. At 5.7 km, turn LEFT.
8. At 6 km, ignore fork to the left that goes off the side of the road.
9. At 6.1 km, optionally take Sheep Rock Trailhead.
10. At 7.4 km, keep LEFT.
11. At 7.9 km, keep LEFT with signs for Brent Mtn trailhead.
12. At 8.2 km, park and take trailhead up to the left.

Google Directions

Use our written directions in preference to the Google directions below as they are likely more accurate.

Linear Trail
This is a linear (out and back/not a loop) trail; the values below indicate the one-way statistics from the trailhead to the end of the route.
  • Starting Elevation: 1793 meters
  • Ending Elevation: 2200 meters
  • Maximum Elevation: 2200 meters
  • Minimum Elevation: 1793 meters
  • Elevation Gain: 475 meters
  • Elevation Loss: -67 meters
  • Slope Up: 12.00%
  • Slope Down: -5.00%

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Map Waypoints

GPS Notes
We have often color-coded our GPX tracks. While it is not always the case, we have tried to use the following convention on our newer maps:

Green/Blue: human-verified by our volunteers.
Purple: overgrown trail, bushwhack, or on private property.
Red: default color or not reality-checked
Yellow: Road
Other Colors: May have been satellite traced or imported from third party sources.

While we strongly believe our GPS are accurate, please be aware that no logging system is perfect and to be aware of potential errors. Use at your own risk.
  • Lisa Bobeau

    Hi interested in going on this hike but need a ride. Thanks

    Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 2:17 PM
  • Lonna Peters

    The road up is rough and trenches are deep but it was entirely passable IF your vehicle has high clearance. The wildflowers were gorgeous! A worthwhile hike with views all the way to Kelowna.

    Monday, July 1, 2019 at 5:59 PM

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