Brent Mountain Hike July 17, 2020

Brent Mountain
Hiking Medium

We had a great hike up Brent Mountain on the last cloudy day for awhile. The mosquitoes were not bad and the trail was mostly dry with a couple of muddy spots, easily avoided. We took 2 hours 20 minutes up and 1 hour 45 minutes down (essentially 4 hours return) with two of us walking at a casual pace, taking photos and flower gazing! The wildflowers were wonderful! Lupine, paintbrush, Canada (tiger) lilies and pink heather, to name a few. The view from the top was impressive, despite the clouds and showers. The old lookout at the top, built in 1931, is in good repair with a coat of paint maybe 40 years ago. I plan to go back later in the summer!

  • A Few People
  • 4.0 hrs

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