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  • by Josh
  • 2019-Mar-17

Individual Trail

BC-Kamloops/Thompson / Tranquille

22 min driving from Downtown Kamloops

This easy to follow double-wide trail snakes alongside the Tranquille River to the old Pine Parks waterworks station. Enjoy stellar views of the surrounding bluffs and hoodoos while observing the numerous gold panning options adjacent to the trail. To this day many people still recreationally gold pan here. The trail is incredibly muddy and icy in the early spring and hikers are advised to bring cramp-ons bring cramp-ons. Within the first 100 meters of the trail, a few wooden faces have been carved into the trees for those with a keener sense of discovery!

While the official trail is only about 2 km each way, hikers can add another 2 km to the route by following the trail to the right at Pine Park. This trail snakes across the river a couple times, and hikers should follow signs of usage rather than signage. Stay close to the river and it will be hard to get lost. Numerous abandoned mine shafts and signs of the gold-rush era are present in this area and it makes for a unique cultural experience.

Eventually the cliffs have eroded so much that the valley becomes impassable except in the winter when the river is frozen over. The ice is often very thick and safe to walk across.

  • Hiking
Seasons Accessible
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • 22 min from Downtown Kamloops
  • Linear
  • 2.06 km (one-way)
  • 25 minutes solo one-way
  • 50 minutes solo | 60 minutes group round-trip
  • 88 meters elevation (one-way)
  • Easy difficulty: A short stroller-friendly walk
Kids & Pets
  • On-Leash
  • Child-Friendly
  • GPS Map available.

  • None

Suggested Protection

None mentioned.



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Driving Time

From Downtown Kamloops, approximate travel time by car is 22 minute(s).

Trailhead GPS Co-ordinates


Detailed Directions

1) From downtown Kamloops, cross the bridge onto North Shore.
2) Follow Tranquille Rd past the airport, golf club, and just past Padova.
3) About 400 meters BEFORE the small bridge at Tranquille River, follow the short road to the right and arrive at the parking lot to the gate at the trailhead.

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